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Puppet Shows

All the Puppet Shows last for 30 minutes and current shows include :-

Farmer Reg's Farm

Pig is missing from the pigsty. Harry the horse, Barbara the Sheep, Clarissa the Cow, Henriella Hen and Golden Goose all help Farmer Reg try to find him.

Grow Plant Grow

The mysterious plant just will not grow. Princess Jill tries to find out why the plant is so slow. Colin the Caterpillar hopes the plant is a cabbage but Sheldon Snail only likes lettuce and tomato. Will the plant ever grow, grow, grow?


The Tree for Me

Little Tree wonders if anyone will want her to be their Christmas Tree? Icy the Snowman, Stan the Elf, Harry the Reindeer and the Fairy-light Fairy all try to help. A seasonal show including Father Christmas!



Goldilocks and the Teddy Bears' Picnic

Goldilocks tries to help Baby Bear to pack a picnic but Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, Little Bo-Peep and Old Mother Hubbard also need her help!

The Biggest Beetroot


An original adaptation of the Russian folktale 'The Enormous Turnip'. Dog, Sheep, Horse, Cow and Little Mouse all try to help Farmer Reg pull up the biggest beetroot! A show about teamwork.


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